SATURDAYS Starts 7th January 9-10am, at The Grange Spa, Pointon.  £8.50 per person.  

Join us at Grange Spa, Pointon to kick start the new year with an Outdoor workout whatever the weather - so start as you mean to go on! This is a 60-minute workout involving circuits, metabolic, and tabata training suitable for all abilities. Start your morning feeling energised and awake and ready to enjoy the rest of your weekend. 

Book your place for £8.50 via the Grange Spa, Pointon. Telephone 01778 440511 or email

WEDNESDAYS Starts 8th February 6.30-7.15pm  £5.00 per person (Bring a mat)

This is a new class designed to tone, firm and strengthen the body. Using a wide range of techniques and methods such as aerobics, BLT’s, yoga, balancing and stretching.  Body Sculpt provides a full body workout designed to define the muscles you never knew you had! Aimed at all fitness levels and all ages, this class will get you on the right road for 2017! 

Book your place by Telephone 07896 251091 or email 



If you let me know what's missing in your area, i wil do my best to find a venue and run something for you. It could be a class, bootcamp, or perhaps a small group session. Tell me as much as you can: where, when, number of people etc. and of course your details. Thank you!